A formal, officially-recognised assessment, with optional accompanying report, to diagnose dyslexia in teenagers 16 and over, including those seeking to access the Disabled Students’ Allowance.


Get a full diagnostic assessment for your child and find out if they are entitled to special allowances in exams, in the classroom, and at college or university.

  • Comprehensive
  • Hassle-free (and pain-free!)
  • Diagnosis recognised by schools*

*Some schools, colleges and universities will only accept the recommendations of dyslexia assessments they carry out themselves. A private dyslexia assessment of this type is identical and usually more in depth and there is no reason for the findings to be rejected. However, for peace of mind, you are advised to check with the school/college/university first.

What the assessment involves

Dyslexia Assessment (16+)The Dyslexia Assessment involves a wide range of testing, carried out over the course of a day.

The testing includes an underlying ability test, reading tests, spelling tests, rapid naming tests, phonological processing tests, short-term and working memory tests, as a minimum. All of this helps to build up a clear picture of your teenager’s strengths and weaknesses.

On the day, you’ll receive immediate and extensive verbal feedback from Holly.

Accompanying report – optional

Shortly after the assessment, Holly can deliver an extremely detailed written report, along with tailored recommendations for learning support.

If the assessment shows your child is dyslexic, a written report is crucial to prove they require special allowances in exams and the classroom. They will also require this report to apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance needs assessment.

If the assessment does not find your child to be dyslexic, but there is enough for exam considerations, then a shorter (non-diagnostic) report with recommendations may suffice.

Or, when there is no need for a report, there will be no charge for it. The decision is yours, informed by the extensive verbal feedback.


The assessment can be carried out in your home, at Holly’s Kenilworth residence, or wherever is convenient to you (e.g. at the child’s school or college).

Holly operates across Warwickshire and the Midlands, primarily south of Birmingham, including Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Stratford, Solihull, and Redditch.

In certain circumstances, Holly is also able to travel further afield. Get in touch to find out if she is able to come to you.


Dyslexia Assessment: £399
(Optional) Non-diagnostic report: £299, or Full diagnostic report: £499

Need further guidance or tutoring?

Following the Dyslexia Assessment, Holly can use the findings to create a tailored plan of action for your child, or provide bespoke one-to-one tutoring sessions. Find out more on the Further Guidance page.