Holly was instantly welcoming and in no way judgemental or unapproachable as some educational professionals can be. She immediately put my son as ease and despite extensive testing she didn’t make it seem arduous.

I haven’t met anyone who could connect with children the way that Holly can. Holly just understands children and the individual educational problems they can have, and she clearly relishes the opportunity to assess them and find ways of helping them achieve their potential.

Caroline D - Toby’s mum

Dyslexia tests are long, but Holly made them as fun and as positive as possible. My son didn’t feel he was being judged, or forced to demonstrate how little he felt he could achieve. Instead, Holly kept the atmosphere positive with lots of praise and encouragement, so at the end, rather than feeling he had struggled, he felt he had been able to show off his strengths and how much he could do.

Holly produced his assessment report quickly, and was happy to go through the detail with me, and how it applied in Toby’s situation. I’m not dyslexic, so have no clear understanding of why certain things are hard for Toby, but Holly was able to use her own personal experience of dyslexia to explain his likely coping strategies to me, and the ways both I and the school could best help him now and in the future. Ultimately, there is no ‘quick fix’ but now, with Holly’s insight into Toby’s thinking, I feel in a better position to help him help himself.

Marion D - Toby’s mum

Holly provided me with excellent advice and insight into where my daughter’s difficulties may lie. She carried out various assessments and was quickly able to identify learning challenges for L. Her expert reports, along with her ability to quickly identify strategies to help, have been amazing. I really can’t praise Holly enough.

Leah I - L’s mum

Since seeing Holly, Amy has a more confident and positive approach to maths. Holly has been very supportive, providing a letter outlining Amy’s difficulties with maths, which was very helpful towards having extra support with maths at school included in Amy’s EHCP.

Nicola P - Amy’s mum

We came to Holly as a desperate family with an emotional nine year old who hated school. Holly quickly identified dyslexia and dyspraxia and not only Beth’s, but all of our lives were turned around. Holly not only offered her great academic advice, but more importantly, helped Beth AND us understand how her mind worked, and the best way for her to learn.

She is more confident than she has ever been and knows exactly HOW to learn. Thanks to Holly’s careful assessment of Beth, and her ability to explain her needs to us, Beth is a HAPPY child! She now celebrates her dyslexia, pointing out the news report about companies SEEKING dyslexic students, has big plans for the future and sees no limits.

Sonia - Beth’s mum

The tests that Holly performed were very thorough, and yet my daughter enjoyed every minute of it. Holly was extremely approachable and made the whole assessment a fun experience, from which Iris came away with a very big smile!

The verbal feedback was given to both of us straight after the session, and Holly’s interpretation of the results were a real insight not only into Iris’ coping mechanisms but also the impact on her behaviour.

We received the report shortly after the session and it gave a clear account of the results and what they meant. It also contained recommendations on what could be done to help Iris move forward and this was invaluable when meeting with Iris’ school teacher.

Juliet S - Iris’s mum

I cannot recommend Holly highly enough. She is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate people I have ever met. She has boundless enthusiasm for helping children and getting the best out of them.

Francesca came to Holly for assessment with her confidence at rock bottom. Holly set Francesca various tests and understood Francesca’s abilities and needs immediately. Much of the advice she gave was learning through games and strategies which gave Francesca much more confidence and finally an enjoyment of maths.

Katharine G - Francesca’s mum