Marion D

Toby’s mum |

Dyslexia tests are long, but Holly made them as fun and as positive as possible. My son didn’t feel he was being judged, or forced to demonstrate how little he felt he could achieve. Instead, Holly kept the atmosphere positive with lots of praise and encouragement, so at the end, rather than feeling he had struggled, he felt he had been able to show off his strengths and how much he could do.

Holly produced his assessment report quickly, and was happy to go through the detail with me, and how it applied in Toby’s situation. I’m not dyslexic, so have no clear understanding of why certain things are hard for Toby, but Holly was able to use her own personal experience of dyslexia to explain his likely coping strategies to me, and the ways both I and the school could best help him now and in the future. Ultimately, there is no ‘quick fix’ but now, with Holly’s insight into Toby’s thinking, I feel in a better position to help him help himself.